FINALLY! The roar you've been longing for is here! Ditch the computer control of the Dodge Active Exhaust valves on your Challenger or Charger and go from a purr to a roar 100% of the time with no codes or check engine lights. Why are we the leader in the industry? Why are we top rated in Google search? Because our valve simulator does NOT bolt directly to the hot exhaust valve which can act as a large heat conductor drastically shortening the life of the EXPENSIVE OEM electric valve actuators. Our simulators are remote mounted completely detached from the hot exhaust valve using our standard clamp mount system or our stealth trunk mount option. Our simulator is also the ONLY patent pending design with dual sealed bearing armatures for smooth operation, no binding and long life. Settle for no less than a proven design since 2015.

NOTE: This remote trunk mount style simulator kit may also be installed on Chargers and mounted in a custom location of your choice within the trunk.