Two new products for 2017! Our complete trunk mount simulator kit for Challengers as well as a separate harness and hardware kit for current SwaimCustomFab customers wishing to relocate their current underbody simulators. Charger owners, don't feel left out. Although the trunk mount kit instructions are written around the Challenger model, the long extension harnesses along with the hardware we provide allows you to come up with your own custom installation location!


Stealth matte black is now our standard finish.

Swaim Custom Fabrication is proud to announce our newest product, custom formed splash guards for all Widebody Challenger models! With the rapid occurrence of paint chips and dings due to rocks being thrown from the wide uncovered factory tires, we stepped up to do what we do best.....which is develop a solution! Check out our Widebody page for more information.


All Widebody splash guards now ship with durable black oxide screw hardware!

Simulator kits are now approved for the installation on the new 2017+ Dodge Challenger/Charger 5.7L engine with active exhaust!

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Simulator kits are no longer being shipped with two 1/2" spacers per mounting screw as pictured below on the left. We are now shipping with a single 1" spacer per mounting screw as pictured on the right.



!! Dodge AES Actuator Spring information:
Mid year 2015 Dodge changed from the tightly wound flat spring pictured on the right to a more robust second generation spring pictured on the left. The newer design was to put more air space between the coils to keep the spring cool and prevent breakage when attached to the hot OEM exhaust valve. If you have the first generation flat spring on the right, discard the nylon spacer to each of the mounting screws and replace with a 10/24 steel washer provided. Draw each mounting screw down lightly and evenly with hand tools. Once the mounting screw nut snugly contacts the base plate, 1/4 - 1/2 turn final torque is sufficient. Do not over tighten.


Gone are the wire tie mounts. New clamp mounting is now our standard! You asked for this option and we went beyond by making it our NEW standard at absolutely NO extra cost! Check out our "tech info" section for downloadable instructions on the installation.