We have stepped up to provide a top quality solution to greatly reduce the damage caused by rocks being thrown from the large uncovered tires exclusive to the new Widebody Challenger design. Without these guards, paint and ding damage is rapidly and easily incurred to the flares, doors and rear quarters due to the uncovered OEM wheel well design. As you can see below, we provide protection that the factory has not. Our guards are secured with screws and not unreliable tape or clips. Absolutely no holes are needed to be drilled into any "painted" factory part! Our guards are tough! Made from 1/8" textured ABS, custom heat and vac formed to the contour of the factory flares. Settle for no less than a Swaim Custom Fabrication product for your Mopar!


To place an order visit our "order" page. To view and download the installation instructions visit our "tech info" page. Link is located near the end of the page.